RICOH - Entering User Codes


How to enter user codes into machines:

  1. Select User Tools/Counter button, located in the top left corner of the machine

  2. Select System Settings from touch screen.

  3. Select Administrator Tools, located at the top right of the touch screen.

  4. Select Address Book Management

  5. Choose New Program

  6. Select Change for Name ( top )

  7. Enter user’s first and/or last names, using the screen’s keyboard.

  8. After entering in user’s name(s), select OK.

  9. Select Auth Info option, located at the top of the screen.

  10. Enter person’s User Code, and follow by the pound key ( # ).

  11. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP!!!!! Scroll down the screens using the

    arrow keys at the bottom of the screen, until you find Available Functions. Highlight features that are to be passcoded ( choose functions such as Copier, Document Server, Printer, etc. If you have a color machine, choose options that code is allowed to access ). DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Select OK

  13. Follow steps 5 –12 for each new person and User Codes. You may choose

    Continue to Program ( top right of screen ).
    **if tracking is the goal, highlight ALL available functions**

How to enable this feature:

  1. Select User Tools Counter

  2. Select System Settings

  3. Select Administrator Tools

  4. Using the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen, scroll to the SECOND page.

  5. Select User Authentication Management.

  6. Select User Code Auth(entication)

  7. Highlight the features that are to be restricted (at least Copier and Document

    Server), and press OK.

 DO NOT touch any of the other Authentication tabs, unless you

explicitly know what you’re doing. Not heeding this advice will most likely lock you, and everyone else, out of the machine entirely!!! *

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