2847 - Personalized Learning Device Macros


2847 Personalized Learning Device Macros

The following Macros have been created and shared with all the ITC Groups in 2847.  You can clone the Macros and personalize them for your school.

PLD::Damaged Device

PLD::Liquid Damage

PLD::Lost Device

PLD::Replacement iPad Case

PLD::Replacement iPad Power Cord

PLD::Replacement MacBook Power Cord

PLD::Stolen Device


To ‘clone’ the Macros –

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Macros.
  2. Click the All shared macros drop-down menu
  3. Click the Clone Macro button (the three dots) to the right of the Macro
  • To nest your Macros you add ‘::’ between the names so that like Macros are sorted together.


Example Use of a Macro - To create a ticket for a ‘Replacement iPad Power Cord’

  1. Click ‘Add’ New Ticket
  2. In the ‘Macro’ box type ‘iPad’
  3. A list of choices will come up
  4. Select ‘PLD>Replacement iPad Power Cord’
  5. Double click to select
  6. Update the ‘Site’, ‘Student Name’, and ‘Student ID Number’ fields
  7. Click ‘Submit as Open’
  8. The ticket will be opened in your name and routed to Ticket Processing for routing


Detailed instructions for creating Macros in Zendesk can be found here:


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