2847 - Personalized Learning Ticket Form


*Please remember the building ITC should be the ‘Requestor’ on all requests for service of Personalized Learning Devices.  All devices and replacement parts should be collected and distributed by the ITC.

  1. When you are requesting service for a Personalized Learning Device assigned to a student, please select the 2847 Form – Personalized Learning Device. *Requests that are submitted by staff members will be reassigned to the ITC of the school to update the ticket and using the form.
  2. A separate form should be completed for each request.
  3. All required fields need to be completed before it is submitted. This will expedite service.
  4. Site, Student Name, Student ID Number, Device Type, Repair Service and Damage Type should be completed.
  5. If it is a device that needs to be sent in for repair it should be collected by the ITC, the status updated in TIPWeb-IT and put in a central location for pick-up by the building technician. Additional information can be added to the ticket in the description such as the location of the device and homeroom teacher name, etc.
  6. When you submit the request it will be routed to Ticket Processing for reassignment for pick-up.


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