All workstations, both Instructional and Administrative, have an Icon on the desktop for STARS. This will take you directly to the Oracle login page in Internet Explorer. Your login user name is your old user name, either firstname_lastname or your first initial followed by the first seven letters in your last name.

To log in from home go the APS homepage then click on 'STAFF' on the left.  Select Tools. MyStars is the third choice under Quick Picks at the top of the page.  You can also type in the browser address bar to take you directly to the login page.

** Please note: Your STARS password expires every 90 days and does not synchronize with any of your other passwords. On workstations outside of APS, STARS is supported in the following Internet Browsers - Safari, Internet Explorer 9.0 or lower or Google Chrome.

STARS Self-Service is temporarily disabled.  If you need assistance with resetting your password please call the Service Support Center at 703-228-2847.  Due to security precautions we are no longer resetting passwords by email.  When you call if there is no agent available please leave your name and a phone number where you can be reached so that we can return your call.  


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  • Avatar
    Paula Burzio

    I know there is a specific format for the password, but I cannot remember all of it. Would it violate our privacy to put the format of the password into this article? It would really help those of us who do not use STARS frequently.

  • Avatar
    Holly Marvin

    There is no I forgot my password/username link anymore

  • Avatar
    Olukemi Are

    I do not see the "Forgot my password/username" link.

  • Avatar
    Deitra Pulliam

    I forgot my password to STARS I need a reset... thanks

  • Avatar
    Carol Regier

    I tried to use the password and username for STARS that I used this summer very successfully. However, no matter who I ask to help me here, I cannot get loged on. Please help!!

  • Avatar
    Sandra Costa

    I need help with my log in credentials , user name and password

  • Avatar
    John Findley

    Is there a place to re set password?

  • Avatar
    Janet Luu

    I can not log in my star. my log in name is janet_luu I don't have my pass words.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Vanburen

    Is there an email for the help desk?

  • Avatar
    Janet Luu

    I can not log in my Star account. My user name is janet_luu but I tried my old password it did not work. Please call or email me for my now pasword. Thank you

    janet Luu

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    Sophia Fekade

    I can not log in my star. is there a place to re set password?

  • Avatar
    Carla Chapman

    I need a new STARS password; I know you won't email it, so please call (or if things are different now, email me my new password.

  • Avatar
    Mary Hazel-Jackson

    Please reset stars password again. The password received isn't working.

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