Login Directions - Arlington Co. School Health and Police


Please follow these steps to access the APS Student Information System - Synergy. If you have problems accessing Synergy please contact the APS Service Support Center at x2847 or by email at 2847@apsva.us.

Arlington County DHS Staff and Police Officers

* Recommended Browser - Chrome


To log into Synergy:

1. www.staff.access.apsva.us

2. Login with ‘firstname.lastname’ and password

3. Select ‘Synergy’

4. Re-enter your username and password

To change password:

1. Login at staff.access.apsva.us

2. Go to the bottom on the page and select ‘Remote Access Gateway’ at the bottom of the page

3. In the upper right hand corner select ‘Preferences’

4. Type in current password and then a new password that is at least 10 characters and not been previously used. Confirm password.


** If you have trouble access the login page you should clear your browsing history and clear you cache. This document (click here) has instructions on how to clear your browsing history.

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