New Network Account Provisioning Process


As of July 24, 2014, once an APS Workforce Employee has completed their paperwork with HR and their employee record has been created in STARS, their network account and network resource entitlements will automatically be created and assigned within 24 hrs.

Once the account has been created the Supervisor of the Workforce Employee will receive an E-mail from Enterprise Solutions with detailed instructions for the employee on how to access these resources.

If there is a question on the status of an APS Workforce Employees’ status in STARS, you can contact Human Resources by email at .

Automatic Network Entitlements include:

STARS-Paycheck, OneLogin, Active Directory Account, MS Exchange Account, Home Directory, Common Public Shared Drives (Z:), Email Archiving, Wireless Access, 2847, Google, APSnet, ERO (P/T/A Scale only) and Blackboard

T-Scale Employees in addition to the above automatically receive the following:

Synergy Access, Staff Shared Directory (Staff.Instructional S:). 

For all other scale employees, access to the following Entitlements can be requested by submitting a form (if required) signed by your supervisor to the appropriate person for processing.

*STARS – HR (Joe Baumann, Human Resources) 

*STARS – Payroll (Tina Tarrant, Payroll)

*STARS – Purchasing (Endia Holmes, Finance)   

*Synergy  - Service Support Center – 2847 

EMS (Endia Holmes, Finance)

APS Website (Sara Daniels, School & Community Relations)

School Shared Directories – Request via 2847

*Associated Access Authorization form is on APSnet

Whenever a T-Scale APS Workforce Employee changes locations their shared directories will be updated automatically based on their assignment in STARS. All other scale employees will need to make a request by contacting 2847.

Network access to APS entitlements will be terminated on the last payroll process date of the Employee.

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