How to Restore a Network Folder or File


All users now have the ability to restore a deleted network file or folder.  Please follow these step-by-step instructions.  You can also watch the video for a visual demonstration of the process being performed as well.

After following the instructions if you need further assistance, please submit a request to 2847.

To Restore a Network File or Folder:

  1. Double click on the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop.
  2. Double click on the network drive (H:, S:) where you want to restore from.
  3. Once the window opens of the drive location, right click in the window and select 'Properties'.
  4. Click on 'Previous Versions'.  All of the previous versions (back-ups) that exist will be listed.  
  5. Select a date and time that you want to restore the file from when it existed. 
  6. When you double click the date a new window will open of the back-up in a 'Read-Only' window.
  7. Left click once on the file or folder that you want to restore to highlight it.  Then drag the item over to your original window that you opened in step 3.
  8. A message box will open "These files might be harmful . . ." click 'OK'.
  9. You can now close the 'Read-Only' back up window.  The file or folder you restored will be in your original drive location.
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