2847 - Hardware Repair Request Process




  • Kelly, Patrick

    I am not able to connect to my Smartboard with my computer. The Smartboard appears to be fully operational; however, the HDMI connection into the wall seems to be inoperable. I was able to get it to work earlier today but only after wiggling the wall connection. Now I can't get the computer and Smartboard to work together. I am in room C206 at Wakefield High School.

  • Joya, Aydee

    I am not able to sign in to Synergy in my computer. I am in room #153 at Syphax Education Center

  • Lockridge, Pamela

    The keys on the phone are not working in #2232 #1992232

  • Cantor, Veronica

    please call me at 703-228-5827 need to reset password

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