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How to use the New VPN Solution to Access APS Resources


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  • Sanguinetti, Janeth

    My biggest concern is, if vpn solution does not provide the ability to connect to my desktop, then how am I supposed to access the Arlington County DMC system to do my work?  DMC is the system I use on a daily basis to process large volumes of requests for payments, submit purchase orders, print reports, etc, etc. My work essentially depends a 100% on having access to DMC, and I believe the same concern is also shared by other folks that need access too: Heather Rothenbuesher, Elizabeth Walsh, Catina Claytor-Frye, Wendy Carria, Brae Walker, Marjorie Blazek, etc.

    Jorge said he's working on it with other colleagues, so far, I have not heard a word from any one and I was supposed to be finished with everything that needs to be charged to FY20 and haven't been able to because of the transition from remote access to globalprotect.

    Please we need assistance to resolve this issue as soon as possible!!! Thanks, Janeth Sanguinetti


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